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Mac Software by Emmett Gray

CopyDrop (for 10.6.0 through 10.11.x)

Free Mac Utilities (for 10.6.0 through 10.10, mostly - see notes)

"Boot Verbose Toggle", an applet to switch your Mac from always normal to always verbose boot, and back again.
Each time it runs it reverses the current preference.

Download "Boot Verbose Toggle"

"SpotDark", a droplet to disable Spotlight indexing on a dragged-and-dropped volume, and a sister app, "SpotIgnite", to re-enable it. These applications store the Spotlight status on the disk itself, not via the Mac OS Spotlight preference pane's privacy function, so this is useful for disks which move around and you don't want to index them on any machine.

Download "SpotDark"
Download "SpotIgnite"

"Make New Folder Here", a droplet to create a new folder in a chosen location.
Put this in the dock or on the desktop. If you drop a folder on it, the new folder will be created inside that folder.
If you drop a file on it, the new folder will be created in that file's enclosing folder.
Double-click it and you can specify a default name for new folders.

Download "Make New Folder Here"

"Emmett's Dock Management", a set of applets to allow you to toggle the Dock on or off at will. This works in Yosemite, but you get a black desktop with dock turned off.

Download "Emmett's Dock Management"

"AutoSave", an applet to make almost any application do a save (i.e. "Command-S") of the frontmost document at a user-specified interval. This works in Word 2011, Sibelius 7 and 8, BBEdit 10, Photoshop CS5, etc. Multiple copies can run simultaneously targeting different applications. When the target application is not frontmost, nothing happens. Transparent in operation except for some slight typical application unresponsiveness during the save. There is no minimum or maximum save interval, but in practice 30 to 60 seconds strikes a good balance between never losing work and having a responsive application.

AutoSave is working in Yosemite and beyond but you have to give it permission to control your machine in the "Accessibility" pane of the "Security and Privacy" preference pane.

Download "AutoSave"

"MakeVanilla", an app to convert a Fake Mac (Hackintosh) boot partition into a real Mac boot partition.

Download "MakeVanilla"

"QuicKeys Separation Loop", a QuicKeys V.4 sequence for Pro Tools (10, 11, and 12) which automates creating separate audio files based on marker names. The target track must be a single track but can be mono, stereo, or multi-channel, and can be a single consolidated file or any number of regions which will get consolidated per marker division when this runs. Unzip and import this file into QuicKeys and assign it a keyboard shortcut (currently cmd-opt-ctrl-F11). To use, make a selection in the target track, open the Markers window, and position the mouse over the marker of the first separation point. You'll get a dialog asking how many times to loop. Don't touch the mouse while the loop runs, because the selection of regions is done by controlling mouse movement down the marker list. You can loop as many times as you have visible markers in that window. If there are more markers than will fit in the window, scroll the window and run again picking up where you left off.

In Yosemite, sometimes the loop dialog doesn't pop into focus. If you have to mouse around to uncover it, remember to put the mouse back where it belongs before you hit enter to proceed. Probably best just to cancel and then invoke the process again, which always seems to work to bring the dialog frontmost.

Download "QuicKeys Separation Loop"